Rocco Forte Balmoral- Top Choice for Edinburgh

Hotel clock lit red to honor their veterans

Rocco Forte Balmoral Hotel is a no brainer for one’s hotel choice in Edinburgh
The stately five star Grand Dame opened in 1903 and has been greeting Queens, Kings, statesmen and celebrities ever since.
Situated by Waverly Station, hotel porters meet guests at the train station, and whisk them from the station hall to the reception desk in the hotel in no time. The award winning hotel is brilliantly managed by Richard Cooke. Mr. Cooke has the hotel spinning like a top. Staff is happy, enthusiastic and completely engaged in providing each guest with a top notch experience. No wish is too difficult to accomplish. The tireless Mr. Cooke seems to be everywhere. The standard starts at the top and it is quite evident this hotel is run beautifully.
Interesting aside- JK Rowlings wrote her last Harry Potter book on premises, and her suite is marked by a purple door. She was a regular guest.

The fabulous Palm Court Tea anyone?


Edinburgh- a Must Visit!

With artifacts found as early as the 1st Century. Edinburgh was established under Scottish rule in 960. To JK Rowling fans, Edinburgh has many structures that draw inspiration in Harry Potter movies. She has a home in Edinburgh, and wrote most of her Harry Potter books in Edinburgh.

Nooks and crannies in the city of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a beautiful ancient city filled with clever shops, pubs, churches, charming gothic spires, castles, monuments and loads of amazing restaurants – from Michigan starred to simply good food. We were never disappointed.

Hotel De Russie

Hotel de Russie

Formerly the Italian residence for aristocratic Russian citizens – including Czar Nicholas and his family, Hotel de Russie is beautifully situated on the edge of Piazza Popolo. Via Babuino, considered one of Rome’s hottest shopping streets, begins at the Spanish steps and ends at Piazza del Popolo.
Angel and Demon fans will recognize the church Santa Maria Del Popolo across the square.
The De Russie has a garden atmosphere with a glorius courtyard in the center if the hotel .
Part if the hotel gardens were formally with the Borghese gardens – directly above. Contemporary in style, the hotel is filled with ancient artifacts and Italian art. Crisp and welcoming, the hotel is one of my top choices for clients.
All Rocco Forte hotels are child friendly, and hotel de Russie is no exception. De Russie offers small bathrobes, children’s menu, toys aimed at the age level. Hotel staff customize excursions that are child friendly walking tours that are geared towards kids – scavenger hunts, pizza making classes, etc,etc.